About NERD

The New England Regional Developers, Inc is a registered US 501(c)(3) non-profit whose purpose is to organize, educate and advance the skills of web designers and developers in the New England region. It seeks to do this primarily through nurturing a self-sustaining mentoring community for its local IT industry.

NERD creates positive and supportive learning opportunities for people who work, or want to work in web and related technology.

NERD has identified and defined the major issues facing its community and industry today. The most visible symptom of these issues is the growing talent gap in the field of IT.

NERD believes that our IT teams are not as strong as they could be due to irrationalities lingering from society's past. Using proven techniques to achieve better diversity and inclusion in IT, the NERD project identifies areas of the population that have a harder time making it into IT careers and works to remove those challenges or barriers.

Throughout each year, building up to our annual summit, we collaborate with our local community, creating a diverse curriculum for relevant skill building. Too many smart, passionate people have been traditionally excluded from tech careers, and we're going to change that.

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